Special Education


This website is no longer being updated. Please visit our new site at http://www.coconino.az.gov/SPED for current information.


Special Education Services

The Coconino County Education Services Agency offers the following services to public and charter schools:

  • Counseling Services
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • School Psychology Services
  • Special Education Services
  • Speech Therapy

Travel time is factored into all services, as are professional materials. For purposes of this discussion, costs are predicated upon individuals being county employees or contractors.

School Psychology and Speech Therapy Services include screening, evaluations, written reporting, and counseling when indicated on an IEP, MET/IEP participation, and IEP-related service implementation.

Counseling Services not indicated on an IEP would consist of counseling related to low self-esteem, behavioral issues, and real or potential substance abuse issues.

Occupational Therapy would consist of screening, evaluation, and therapy when indicated on an IEP, MET/IEP participation, and IEP-related service implementation.

Services in the other areas are self-explanatory.

In order to make the above services economically feasible, the Coconino County Education Service Agency needs to ensure that there is a need to sell services in each occupation to the schools for the above disciplines. It is imperative that the CCESA office receive hard data, such as number of projected days needed per school as determined by IEP’s when appropriate, by July 31, 2017. 

Please use the Request for Special Education Services Form. Schools that might be uncertain about their projected needs might consider cost-sharing some services with neighboring schools.

For more information on CCESA’s Special Education Services, please contact Samantha Abramowitz at 928-679-8054 or sabramowitz@coconino.az.gov to discuss using any of the services listed above.