Supporting and Inspiring Educators and Students in the 21st Century


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The Innovation and Development Division (I & D) drives inspiration in the Coconino County Education Service Agency (CCESA). We are committed to collaborating with all schools in Coconino County and in the region to increase academic achievement and quality teaching, provide exceptional professional learning experiences, and support schools in their implementation of Arizona’s standards and assessments.

Put simply, Innovation & Development:

  • Pursues educational opportunities in the innovation and development fields
  • Assists schools in the development and implementation of best practices and research-based reforms
  • Provides a communication link between county schools and the Arizona and Federal Departments of Education


  • Small School Consortium
  • Effective Teaching and Leading
  • Implementation of AZ Standards
  • Student Learning and Support
  • Community Development Opportunities
  • Title III Consortium
  • Special Education Services
  • Grant Writing
  • Fee for Service Courses
  • Newsletters and Advocacy
  • Professional Development Opportunities

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Volunteer In Service to America (VISTA)